George Ebey has been creating alternate realities since a young age.  It all began when he started taking his once-vast collection of action figures on epic journeys though countless lands full of exotic wonders and hidden dangers. Today, his action figure collection is much smaller, though several still stand guard on his writing desk, ready to take up arms and march into the fray at a moment’s notice.

George was born and raised in Ohio, where he still lives with his wife and an ornery cat. When he’s not writing or playing with his action figures, he enjoys being outdoors, studying history, and searching for new and interesting places to explore.

He is the author of DEBBI (Rovers of Mars series) and the forthcoming Legend of the Phoenix (Phoenix Saga seriessoon to be published by Glass House Press.

Coming Soon:

DEBBI by Ebey
DEBBI is from the Helen of Mars series, coming soon from Glass House Press.

Looking for something fun to read while waiting for the next book? Visit Wattpad



Helen of Mars is found in the Brave New Girls: Tales of Girls and Gadgets anthology.

The author has another great story in the BNG: Stories of Girls who Science and Scheme anthology.
All proceeds are donated to a scholarship for the Society of Women Engineers. Buy by clicking below:











New article posted on Glass House Press: George Ebey

Mr. Ebey is also a contributing editor to the International Thriller Writer’s

online webzine, The Big Thrill.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey George l! It’s Escott I follow you on YouTube hey I just wanted to see if you can review Tokyo drifter from 1966 it’s a great movie and I think you will like it
    If can thanks. If we’ll hopefully you watch it yourself for your own viewing thanks again and keep up the good work

    1. Escott. Thanks for reaching out and for watching/commenting on my You Tube channel. I appreciate it. I’m not familiar with Tokyo Drifter but it sounds interesting. I’ll take a look sometime. Thanks again and take care.

  2. Dear Mr. Ebey,
         For the past twenty-seven years my hobby has been reading aloud in the public schools. To that end I have collected and read thousands of short stories appropriate to grades 3-6. I also maintain a website as a resource for parents and teachers which includes, among other features, an index of over 1500 short stories that I recommend as excellent read-alouds.
        I am writing this evening to let you know that I added your wonderful story, “Scraps,” to my index. If you would like to see your listing, go to https://readmeastoryink.com/ , click on “search index” and enter your last name in the author field.
        I am also writing to inquire as to whether you have written other short stories for my target age group. If so, I would love to know where they have been published.
    Best regards,
    Bob Topp
    Read Me a Story, Ink

    1. Mr. Topp. Thank you for your kind words about my story. I greatly appreciate it. Your website is excellent and I applaud your efforts to read to school children. Great job. To answer your question, I also have stories in the first two Brave New Girls anthologies, which can be found on Amazon (I believe there are links on my website http://www.georgeebey.com). Early next year, I’ll be coming out with a free ebook of stories set in my “Helen of Mars” series and shortly after that we’ll be releasing the first full-length book in the series. All of these projects are (or will be) aimed at your age group. Thanks again for your interest and take care. George.

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